Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Down under

Sheep are certainly on our plate at the moment. Recently we've been trying to persuade engineering graduates from the southern hemisphere to hike north and put their knowledge to good use on the M25 and in the London area. Fortunately we had a very helpful sheep who spent 2 days tramping around the Norfolk countryside without so much as a bleet word. An interesting one this as I found my model (who incidently can dance to 70's hits) in a rural show in my back garden. Sometimes it's where you find the most unlikely opportunities.

Thanks Dean, Carl, Richard, Helen, Clare and Tim!

LD x


  1. Talking of sheep on your plate, try a bit of home-grown British lamb roasted with rosemary. lemon and gin. Believe me, it's a tonic! Just douse the joint before you roast it, and roast it hot. Aunty Dot brought the recipe back from the Raj. But then she used to put gin on her cornflakes too.

    Three's Company: the home of tasty ideas.

  2. Oh, I prefer chopped thyme, garlic and sea salt with the juice of a lemon and some olive oil. Gin defo worth a shot or two!